On the road again

Our long awaited moment has finally arrived. After another year in the magical land of Andalusia, the summer heat drove us out. . . northward. . . just for a little bit. We are once again on a summer camping road trip to Poland (and back).

This time we will be hugging the northern part of Europe, climbing los Picos de Europa, crisscrossing the Pyrenees, tasting the Bordeaux wine, admiring Paris from the top of the Eiffel Tower (hopefully), checking out what’s unique about Luxembourg, getting our endorphins going by eating Belgian chocolate and enjoying the Dutch beer snack called “Hollandse Nieuwe”.

A little NOTE on blogging hiccup: we are having problems uploading photos to the blog while on the move (must be the lower internet speed or bandwidth using free camping WIFIs. So, we’ll have to add them later. We will be sending photos to Facebook/Instagram (if we can).

We will still use our previous plan (PLAN 333) for the same reasons: driving 3 weeks up, 3 weeks in with family and friends, and 3 weeks back; driving for no more than 4 hours each leg and taking no-toll roads.

This time we will keep it even more low-key and definitely keep closer to nature by avoiding big cities, as much as possible, except for Paris (which is a must for Karol) and a couple of others.

Also will are making the entire 6-week, round trip, family fun trip. . . all in camping tents! What?!?! Yeah! sounds fun, doesn’t it?!?! Well it’s the cheapest way for us to travel.

Also, this year we decided to stay flexible and not pre-book/reserve anything. We just packed the car, got into it and drove away. We have an idea of where we want to stay, generally after about 3 or 4 hours of driving. But we are leaving room for last-minute inspirations (or screw-ups. . . that may also hopefully turn into an adventure).

Kids are really excited and getting their muscles ready to help out with setting up the camping gear. They have just gotten an opportunity to revisit their camping skills at Las Cañadas camping site in charming little village called Baños Montemayor–about 500 km north of Jerez.

It worked!! A record-breaking time putting up the tent and jumping to the pool right after, and I mean 10 seconds after!! This is what they, Karol and Kaj, had been waiting for. Pure and simple joy!

This camping site as the number one on our list, with a couple of back ups, just in case (JIC). Since it is summer season, we knew that there was a risk of not getting a spot. Sure enough, once we arrived there were only 5 camping spots left. It is good to have a back up. We always plan on staying in places where there are at least two camping sites near each other, JIC.

Stay tuned for much more! What’s next???!! Videos of cooking with Six at the camp and a unplanned trip to a monastery. Six thought about checking in.


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