A young child stares outward from the bay window of the museum towards the mountain site of the decisive battle "Between the Cross and the Half Moon" in 1212. A #FreeElectrons.Family camping road trip Europe I stop in Santa Elena, Jaen, Spain.

Between the cross and the half moon… but where the *heck is Santa Elena?

What to do or see near Cordoba or Jaen?  If you're already gonna be there, make sure to save a day to visit an off-the-beaten-path, gem-of-a-destination: Santa Elena.  It is a little village in Spain between Andalucia and Castile-La Mancha.  It was a random stop, 4 hours drive from Jerez, and a little hop over … Continue reading Between the cross and the half moon… but where the *heck is Santa Elena?

Two young boys on a red sled coming down a slope. One is pointing outward. The other one upfront looks directly and bravely ahead, holding onto to his older brother. In the background. blue sky over the peaks of the mountain atop Hoya de la Mora, in Sierra Nevada, province of Granada in Andalucia, Spain.

Snow this far south in Europe?

With over 300 days of strong Andalusian sunshine here in southern Spain, you would not think that there would be snow. Think again! The Sierra Nevada, about a one-hour drive from the city of Granada, boasts the southernmost point of Europe where you can ski, sled and snowboard as late as early May.  You can … Continue reading Snow this far south in Europe?