Where to See flamenco during Semana Santa/Holy Week/Easter in Jerez

You came here for flamenco, didn’t you? And it just happens to be Easter/Passion week in this little town of flamenco, sherry, fighting bulls and dancing horses. Not to worry. The city has evolved and there are FREE flamenco shows here this Easter Passion week.

My first time in Jerez, I came to study flamenco guitar and did not think of Easter. I’m st*#pid like that, or rather, I preferred not to do too much reading before travelling to a place. I sort of wanted to have that surprised first-impression feeling. So, I came here and there was no flamenco for the second week of my stay, except the more primitive religious chant called Saeta which, I must admit, was a bit too much to digest for a newcomer to flamenco.

Traditionally there was no flamenco performance during the Holy Week. This is Catholic Spain after all. Things have changed though from my first visit here 15 years ago. Now, you can see DAILY regular performances at Tabancos La Feria
or El Pasaje (see schedule on the picture below). The best part is they are FREE entrance (gratis) and you do not even have to purchase anything. However, please DO SUPPORT the artists and local establishments. A glass of sherry or beer costs one euro or slightly more. If you want to sit down and have a more intimate relation to the artists, you can ask (or better reserve) a table up front with a minimum consumption of about 20-25 euros for 4 people. That’s with tapas and drinks already!

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