Father and Son👦FREE play ⚡ SuperZings Battle in Lego Duplo Land💥 Video with Cool Effects 👍

My kids challenged me to make a video of their FREE play with SuperZings and Lego Duplo toys that looked like some sort of a movie with lasers, lightning and a bunch of cool visual and sound effects. . . and music too! It took a while, but here it is--part one. WARNING: this is a BATTLE SCENE; you know, when children play with toy soldiers and war?! You know I know... many don't like that sort of thing. But that's how we played it then. BIG SMILE 🙂😷

Be a Superhero👦Find Time to Play with Your Kids & Make a Video for Them👍Father and Son Bonding

You know what's cool about being a stay-at-home dad? I get to be a kid again while playing and shooting this video of my kids free play outdoors in Morocco with SuperZings toys vs Imaginext Red Robin, Green Lantern, and little dragons like in "How to train your dragons". It's a FUNtastic father and son bonding time. Also a great opportunity to learn how to make videos! The downside? Video-making takes a lot of time. But hey, full time fatherhood is my new career 😊.

SuperZings Kids Free Play at the Beach 👦on the Rock of Hercules, Gibraltar UK 🧒 Family Video

On a family vacation on a "Pillar of Hercules"--the Rock of Gibraltar, UK--we finally made a YouTube video of these little thumb-sized figures called SuperZings that all kids seem to be talking about. The video shows kids at play... FREE PLAY... on Catalan Bay beach in December. It also shows you the beach, the playground, the colorful houses and rock mountain to help you plan your visit. Big Smile!

family freeplay at the beach

Winter in Cadiz, Spain

Beach under the winter sun.  It is this happy houseband's favorite babysitter.  And what better place for our young boys to combine freeplay in three languages (Polish, English and Spanish) with getting some winter sun tan than here in the Costa de la Luz. Winter in the bay of Cadiz, Playa de la Puntilla In … Continue reading Winter in Cadiz, Spain