What to bring for camping road trip?

What do we need for our first summer camping, road trip in Europe and how much will it cost?  Our Plan 333 calls for 3 weeks going up to Poland from Spain.  3 weeks staying with family.  And 3 weeks back down.

It will be our first time doing this.  So, we expect to screw up in one way or another and learn something from it.  We will share with you our lessons learned on the road after the trip.  For those of you with little children who may be thinking of doing the same but have never done it before, hope this helps.

Let’s break this down into chewable parts.  First, the total cost of camping gear. Ours was 257 euros.

The 3 pictures below list things that (we think) we need and their costs in separate categories.  The lists do not include costs for things that we already have (as marked in the picture-tables).  Of course, we could have gotten some items cheaper through second-hand sellers.  Though with the language barrier where we are, we could not risk getting something faulty for our first family camping… certainly not with two little kids!  To help us learn the language, we also included some of the names in Spanish.

Of course, we also need to bring clothes for 7 days (ideally, for each of us) with back-up for those cold nights in the mountains, shoes/sandals, food (lots of food), books, notebooks, computer, phones, extension cords, chargers, cameras, flamenco guitar (gotta keep those lessons in my head and flowing in my vain!), toys, books and entertainment things for Karol and Kaj who will each carry a small back pack, and of course a porta potty (toilet) for Kaj.

In order to save money, best to bring portable dual-use items that we already have, such as the children’s table and chairs which legs you can screw and unscrew, and can be used for play as well as eating. But how the heck are we gonna fit all these into our car? We’ll soon find out and keep you posted.

Next, we’ll write about the estimated cost of accommodation, gas and food to help calculate how much a 6-week camping trip in Europe in the summer would cost?

Big Smile!

fef - camping eat gear
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