Happy International Women’s Day = Dia Internacional de las Mujeres

Equality! Gender equality, that is.  “In this fight, education is our weapon,” as the image below shows, here in Jerez de la Frontera there is also a general strike in education (Huelga General en Educacion) as part of the national strike on International Women’s Day, 08 March 2019, also known as “feminist strike” or “8M”.

How does this affect children going to school today?

Gender equality on International Women’s Day (8M): In this fight, education is our weapon

Here (and likely in Andalucia in general), teachers have the option to support the general strike. They may choose to join the protest and not be in school. That means public schools are open but operating with “minimum services“.

What does that mean?

You can bring your children to school but there’s a good chance that many of the teachers will not be there. So, children of different grades will likely be put together to be watched over by the few teachers/staff who show up or need to be there. There will likely be no usual lessons and some interruption with lunch services. Freeplay will be the rule of the day. As long as you’re prepared for it, it can still be fun!

Why strike?

Man: I do not understand why you are making a strike.
Woman: That is why we are doing it.

As a bit of background, the strike on this day is about gender equality where all people (not just women) protest the salary gap and glass ceiling between men and women, “machismo” and gender violence–major issues that face Spain. 

The aim is to cause work stoppage in order to highlight the important role of women across all sections of society. 

Last year’s protests apparently brought 5.3 million women into Spanish streets.  There are about 500 scheduled protests all across Spain today.

There are many different ways to protest.  Others choose to sing serious songs called Saetas here in Jerez, as in last year’s International Women’s Day 2018 Jerez

What do you think of all this? Will you join the strike… or not?

2 thoughts on “Happy International Women’s Day = Dia Internacional de las Mujeres

  1. Hi guys:)
    If I was a capitalist (which I was) who has to pay salaries – no matter a woman or a man – I would not mind 20% salary gap. This would help me to increase rate of return and additional value.
    I believe, the system which is oriented on profit growth, inexorably develops lots of kinds of deficiencies. Some of those could be mitigated by economic growth. But the latter is not there anymore..

    Nonetheless, this struggle is super important, solidaritat!

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