Museum with kids?? Yes, you can! Family fun at the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain

Getting creative in front of the Guggenheim Museum of Contemporary Art in Bilbao, Spain (backtracking a bit, as we did not have the time to post this). Visiting a museum with kids can be fun! We try to expose our kiddos to as many different positive experiences as possible, which includes the places that we would like to see ourselves.

The kids did enjoy certain installations inside the museum. Mostly those they could somehow engage with or run within! However, make sure you don’t spend too much time contemplating one piece of art, as you probably have an hour before the screaming kicks in. However, I must say, the kids did enjoy themselves (an ice-cream break was also helpfulšŸ¦).

This museum allows you to get out and back in as many times as you want during a day, which gives you much more flexibility. There is a fantastic playground in front of the museum. It worked for our kids as an incentive to let us see the exhibitions. Not that we understand art, even less so contemporary art. Nevertheless, one of the exposition of Jenny Holzer made a profound impression on us. Probably because her art is about words which we can understandšŸ˜‰ No picture taking was allowed unfortunatelly, but just to give you an idea, she puts together statements that are provocative and very harsh at times regarding contentious issues (e.g. war, violence, politics).

Andy Warhole’s Marlyn Monroe painting is there too. Hey, I am just pretending to know something about art here. You and your little ones will enjoy this place though!

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