Quick Review: Kid-friendly Camping Kockelscheuer, Luxembourg

Where’s a cheap place to stay in Luxembourg with or without your family? Try camping! We (the free electrons family, with 2 young and very active children) review places that we have visited and things we have seen, generally from a foreign-family perspective. Here’s a quick review of camping site “Camping Kockelscheuer” in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg where we stayed for a couple of nights in late August 2019, during our go-slow, 39-day (in total), camping-in-one-tent, road trip in the summer of 2019, from Spain to Poland and back again through different route.

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Kid-friendly Kockelscheuer, Luxembourg

Suitability (for family with children): If there is only one good thing to say about this camp site, it would be that its PLAYGROUND was the biggest we had fun in so far in all the camp sites. Kids ran around freely in this clean, well-maintained and secured area of the camping site. Lush grass covered the ground. The playground had several old-school/traditional play structures (different kind of slides and climbing structures, and swings, etc), including a Zipline where our children spent a long time playing with other children. See pictures.

It was nice that the owners dedicated such a big area for children’s playground!

Of course, there were many other things that we liked at this camp site.

For one, the receptionist was very friendly, helpful and could speak multiple languages.

Accessibility: The camp site was only about 3-4 minutes walk (with kids) to a bus stop that would take you straight to the city center in less than 15 minutes for 1 euro each.

It had a fridge and freezer for use of all guests. This came in handy for tent-campers like us who needed to freeze our ice packs for food. They were old fridge and freezer but it was very useful and very nice to have.

It had open lounge spaces (inside and outdoors) with tables and comfortable chairs where people could bring their food and drinks, connect to WIFI and work on their computers or simply do the old school chat with each other. The indoors space worked well for those cold nights in August. And it has several things for you to borrow and read, including Asterix comic books for children and adults alike!

Services/bathroom: Sufficiently clean with toilet paper (yes, I have to mention that here because there were several camping sites that did not have them readily available).

Shade and screening: In the tent area there were not any privacy bushes to separate the tents/pitches. There were grown trees surrounding the pitches that provide sufficient shade if you arrive early enough (maybe before 1700 during summer season) to get a pitch under a tree. Otherwise the trees were few and far between.

Tent pitch/ground: Easy to put the pegs into the grass-covered pitch.

Timeframe of visit: late August.

thanks for visiting with us!


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