Flamenco festival de Jerez. What to do in Jerez (Dia de Andalucia weekend)?

Visit Jerez during the long weekend of Dia de Andalucia (28 February) or Day of Andalucia and you will have several FREE and FUN things to do for the entire family, many are related to flamenco. This is the day when the people of this region in southern Spain voted to make Andalusia an autonomous community within Spain in 1980. This holiday weekend is right in the middle the Festival de Jerez (21 February to 7 March in 2020) with lots of FREE and paid flamenco performances from local artists who would usually come home from their more lucrative gigs abroad. But there are other things happenings that are non-flamenco and kid-friendly.

There would be events that mark the beginning of the Carnival in Jerez where groups of friends would come out to the streets in funny-looking costumes and guitars, singing Cadiz-type festive carnival songs. There would also inflatable playgrounds in some parts like Plaza Belen (in the old historic center) alongside its playground, along with a FREE concert at night and a “flashmob por bulerias” (a lot of flamenco dancers performing choreographed dance). School is out and so are the kids. Here’s separate post on things to do in Jerez on Dia de Andalucia (28 February).

As for flamenco: most shows start at 1500h (3 pm), such as those happening at Peña Flamenca (PF) Don Antonio Chacon and PF Tio Jose de Paula, or those events at places that host shows quite rarely, maybe once or twice a year (Cultural Flamenco Association of Fernando Terremoto and PF Luis de la Pica), making it more special.

Check out the poster for the full 24 Festival de Jerez Program. Note: make sure you verify the dates/times, as sometimes mistakes are made (for example, they forgot that it’s a leap year).

Of course, there are a LOT MORE flamenco shows in addition to the “official” ones provided by the town. Check out “La Guarida del Angel” for almost daily events, 3 to 4 things happening at night. Big names or well-established artists usually play here , such as Capullo de Jerez, the Carrasco family, Agujetas, etc. Ticket prices range from 5 to 18 euros. There’s also Villamarta theater and Sala Paul.

Where to see FREE flamenco puro in Jerez?

If you don’t wanna pay for entrance, there’s always the Tabancos, such as El Pasaje where a “copa de vino” (a small glass of sherry) or a caña (small glass of beer) would cost a mere one-euro-something. And the flamenco that comes out of these places are just as authentic as can be. Tabanco El Pasaje and Tabanco a La Feria are located in the city center. El Pasaje usually has 2 shows–one at 1400h (2 pm on the dot for an hour) and at around 2130h (9:30 pm). There are a few others where you can also dine or just drink, such as Tabanco Cruz Vieja which is just 2 blocks from the city center, a block behind the Church of San Miguel, which, unfortunately many tourists seem to miss.

This little intersection where Tabanco Cruz Vieja can be magical. About two doors down from Tabanco Cruz, along Calle Barja, is a very local small spot called Rincon del Arte. Some would call it a dive bar, but it’s quite special in the sense that spontaneous flamenco sessions or juerga often happen here, some with well-established artists.

But you never know when it will happen. But when it does, it’s quite special, such as the time when I got locked in because they had to shut down all doors and windows because the party was getting raucous and the neighbors were gonna call the cops! Rincon also has regular shows but they are rather IRRegularly scheduled. Does that make sense?

Then, a new one inbetween Rincon del Arte and Tabanco Cruz just openned this year (2019). It brought in more people and different groups of clientel and artists.

Tabanco El Pasaje (calle Santa Maria 8, in the city center, close to the Post Office)

Tabanco a la Feria (calle Armas 5, junto del Plaza Arenal)

Tabanco Cruz Vieja (calle Barja, Barrio San Miguel… one of the 2 Barrios or neighborhoods in Jerez with strong flamenco roots).

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