Make Music with Your Kids. Shake the Corona Virus Lockdown Blues Away

Day 3 of corona virus lockdown here in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain. It’s Monday and the first day out of school. There’s plenty of things to do with kids at home during coronavirus self-quarantine that doesn’t involve the zombifying internet or TV. What we found most entertaining, that you can do with your kids too, is making music with our kids. It’s the highlight of our Monday! Here’s a video of our first attempt at sketching out ideas for this original music we call “Corona Virus Blues in A Major“. Enjoy!

Music takes the blues away! Play it! Make it! Make it all up! It’s anti-corona blues and fun!

[YouTube video to be uploaded… It turns out we cannot upload a video directly here, bummer! So, I’ll include it instead for now on our Facebook page here: Facebook Corona Virus Lockdown Blues.

We’re still trying to figure out how the song works, but we’ll get there and here are the lyrics for you to sing along! ๐Ÿ˜Š

I want candy but I can’t go out [this was inspired by Kaj asking for “chuches”]

I want my mommy. But she’s all worked out [All right, I’m not sure about the second part]

Daddy come play with me I’m tired of watching TV

Oh Corona. . . You’re all over the city, but you’ll not get the best. . .

You’ll never ever Never Gonna Get. . .

You Never Ever Ever gonna get. . . THE BEST OF ME!

~free electrons family // Corona Virus Blues in A Major
Plaza Arenal, Jerez, Day 3 of lockdown. . . looks exactly like during siesta.

Okay, it still needs a lot of work obviously, but we’re working on it. Our plan is to do 15 minutes of singing per day, just like what we did for the Rumba Flamenca versions of Joy to the World and Jingle Bells. This way it is easier for the boys to memorize the song, making recording on our dinosaur-of-a-mobile studio much smoother later. And we don’t just sing this one song. We’d usually have 3 to 4 songs per day.

Then another 15 minutes of me (the happy househusband dad) teaching the kids to play the guitar or palmas (handclapping por Buleria), percussions or other instruments that we have at home. This way it’s not to hard for their fingers and much easier for muscle memory to develop, and still in line with their attention span.

Main pedestrian street (calle Larga), Day 3 of lockdown, Jerez.

Then another 15 minutes of listening to new music to expand their musical soundscapes and so us parents don’t go nuts listening to that Crazy Frog or Vamos Pa la Playa!!!!

Here’s one of the things that you can do during a lockdown specially for you parents even if you don’t play any instruments. Hell, everybody can sing Old McDonalds or at least one nursery rhyme. That’s all it takes to spark the kidss imagination. . . but it can’t come from TV or computer/phone screen. It’s gotta come from your heart.

Then you can try making up your own music. There’s so much information out there and I find that our kids tend to supply their own lyrics to songs. I suppose that’s a function of me not being able to remember all the words to the songs I sing to them when they were younger.

Rooftop exercise–fun things to do for kids at home. . . during lockdown or not.

So, just make up your own thing. I think that’s part of the fun, you know.

For this Corona Virus Blues in A Major: here’s a song where I was just practicing my flamenco lessons and some words just came into my minds when Kaj was asking about “chuches” or Spanish for some sort of “sweets”. Well, we were playing with words and started doing the song, when Karol picked up his harmonica and Kaj his favorite instrument–percussion. Then they started jamming along to the new chord exercises that I was trying to practice. I started writing down the first things that came to mind.

kids activities in the first 3 days of corona lockdown

A major intersection in Jerez during lockdown. The Claustros in the background.

The weekend was just a standard weekend where we spent a lot of time with each other and tried not to get the best of one another and just kept it all cool calm and cool. Although this time we were all in our little apartment. No exit! But the kids were fine. Cabin fever has not set in. . . yet. So today, Monday, was really the first day we feel the effect of the lockdown because. . . well, the kids didn’t leave for school! You parents know how that is! It’s not so bad because the boys are used to spending a lot of time with us anyway.

So, today they’ve studied their Spanish already. Half an hour each And both have read books to practice “lenguaje” (or language). They drew and painted and colored. We went upstairs to our rooftop to do some “budo” practice and get some fresh air. Basically we exercised and I taught them a couple of taijutsu moves. We also began a walking meditation routine where we walked about without talking. . . and they did so in silence (and some giggling). Success! In the morning they constructed castles and villages using almost all of their Lego pieces. So then towards the end of the evening we played music.

making music is more than just music

Things for kids to do at home: work as well as the 3 Rs: Read, wRite, dRaw. . . you know, the basics!

It’s interesting how you can do a lot of things with music-centric activity other than playing or making music. For example, You can learn the new words with your kids, both in your native language or in another language. With us we tend to mix traditional songs in two languages, mixing English, Spanish and Polish. The boys (and this stay at home dad) learn the words of the songs that spark interesting conversations such as, why was Mr. Jesus born in a barn? The boys learn what instruments are called in what language, etc… That addresses the language component of what they are supposed to be studying at home during this time of self-isolation.

One good thing about being locked down is that you get to do a lot of things with your kids at home. Although it does have some challenges a lot of challenges for us parents. Let’s make the best out of this situation.

Music takes the blues away! Play it! Make it! Make it all up! It’s anti-corona blues and fun!

Fun things to do at home: Kids learning Spanish.




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