Day 3, Family Camping Road Trip: Medieval Town of Miranda del Castañar

I tend to have a diarrhea of words so I’ll limit these posts to 12 sentences…for now 😊. We finally get to visit this medieval Spanish village of Miranda del Castañar right across from The White Donkey Camping. It still has its well-preserved fortification walls with four gates facing cardinal directions (you know, north south, east, west).

Apparently only a handful of towns in Spain have this honor.

One of them–the northern gate–lets kids (and eveyone else of course) climb the steep steps, get on top of the wall and enjoy the viewpoint to the countryside.

Standing atop it, you would get a sense as to how thick the walls are.

It’s impressive how they were built between the 12th and 14th centuries and are still standing today.

With the kids leading us along the walls, it took us an hour of slow walk, up and down the sloping, winding cobblestone streets, to go around the village.

“It’s beautiful here!,” my older child says.

He and his brother were excited to explore, talking with each other how it would be difficult to attack these walls.

They enjoyed going underneath houses with old wooden beams and peeking through narrow alleways and a picnic at an abandoned (but intact) Ermita de la Virgen de la Cuesta (hermitage/chapel) with good views of the vineyards.

Then we discovered a simple playground with swings right outside the southern gate with a fantastic view of the mountainside, looking towards our camping site.

That’s it! That’s 12 sentences, right?

Next stop: Logroño in the Rioja wine region of Spain.

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