Day 5: Crossing the French Pyrenees Mountain Border, Family Camping Road Trip

So onwards and upwards towards the Pyrenees we go. Continuing with our plan to travel to villages using smaller roads, we wonder if the French border will actually be open given the coronavirus situation. If it is, will there be some kind of screening or any kind of control?

Viewpoint from Puerto de Larrau.

Internal borders within the EU has been open since late June with restrictions to some countries in place.

The coronavirus situation however is dynamic and updated local information is hard to obtain.

No borders between brothers.

It’s a concern to me (dad) because my driver license and residency permit cards are both expired.

Although I have paperwork to show that the delay to getting the new cards is due to ongoing coronavirus effects, I don’t need the hassle of explaining all that to border guards.

A cold and windy march to the top… well, almost to the top.

And…. it turns out there’s no need to worry because once we got to the top there was no border control at all!

There’s not even anyone there; not even a scribble that says “Welcome to France”.

Overlooking the French side of the border.

At mere 1,528 meters above sea level, it’s a great (though windy and cold) stop for a panoramic view of the Spanish and French Basque Pyrenees mountains.

At first glance at the map of the narrow, winding, sometimes zig-zaging, mountain roads, I thought “Nah, we cannot take that!”

From Logrono, Spain to Larrau, French.

Once you actually drive on it; it’s not that bad.

Gotta watch out especially when on the French side because they don’t generally have guardrails and the roads are a bit rougher and smaller.

Coming down the mountain.

Next: Camping in Larrau, and hiking trip to Gorges Kakuetta waterfalls and a suspension footbridge 180 meters above ground… maybe (Hey, man…. the kids!)

The occasional selfie of this free electrons family!

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