Day 20-21: Family Camping Road Trip Break with Friends in Bern, the City of Bears, Switzerland

Another good thing about family road trip is that you get to see friends along the way and, if your friends have kids, the kids get to play together like old ftiends.  Our good friends in Bern is becoming to be an annual pilgrimage for us and, eventhough the sun was shy during our visit, our friends surely had the sun in their hearts to give us the warmest welcome old friends can have. 

One thing we learn during our 3 years of 6-week-long family camping road trip is this:  the most fun the kids have is  playground with friends.

And to think that we initially met on a marshutka (small taxi bus) on a road to Issyk Kyl (lake) in Kyrgyzstan, oh so many beers and cheers ago… Then our families became friends. . . Now our kids. . . Makes it more special.

Here’s our little visit in Bern in pictures.  We’ll add a bit more later when we’re home.

A fantastic apple tree that climbs like the sweet  grapevines around it in this magical backyard of wild food garden with herbs, fruits, vegetables and, best of all, NO LAWN-MOWING OR WEED-WHACKING NEEDED. Our kind of garden!

Note: we only post pictures of friends and family, either when their faces are not shown or we have permission before.  Also, please excuse the typos as we are writing this on a pgone on the yoad… with kids! 😊

A super-secret kids’paradise in Bern with big open play spaces and picnic areas, cool playgrounds (one for younger children), clean bathrooms (with showrrs) and the biggest open-air swimming pool we had ever seen. . . AND it’s all FREE!
A Bern postman’s cool ride to deliver mail.

From our previous visit, here’s a little video of things to do with kids in Bern–the City of Bears.

With his shoulder healed, Kaj is back with his spider monkey-climbing favorite past time.
Still going… nothing outlast his EnerKajzer battery! 😊
This FREE swimming pool is so big, it needs a boat!
No matter the weather, no matter the cold; the boys have always gotta try out the water.  This biggest FREE swimming pool we’ve ever seen comes with inflatable “hotdogs”.
Who wud’vethunk it that the super-secret kids’ paradise is located within this city’s concrete jungle.
This skate-scooter park under a highway is an example of Bern’s kid-approved, family-friendly urban design. Around this park are 2 railways and a trolley line.
Skate and scooter park, under the highway, provides protection from the rain and additional play.
With some other bigger kids taking over the skate park, our little gang moved to an improvised scooter ramp nearer the trains.
Here are the boys, less one, in their urban playspace, with a train passing in the background.
Our little gang roaming the streets of Bern.
The best leek-infused, home-made quiche, ever!
Sweet “Spider apples!”

Have kids? Here are 3 things to do and best places to visit in Bern, the capital of Switzerland, the city of BEARS that is one of the most beautiful places we have visited as a family during our six-week summer camping road trips across Europe. . . before the corona virus locked us all down, that is!

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Next stop? Volcanoes… in Europe?

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