Day 24-25: Road Trip Stop at the Beach in the Bay of Biscay in French Basque Country+Review of Camping Municipal Chibu Berria

“BEACH! Funally!,” the boys yelled out! Today is beach day at the Bay of Biscay, at the coast of the French Basque region, south of Bayonne. Here it is in pictures and also a little review of Camping Municipal Chibu Berria.

Beach day fueled by Swiss beer at the coast of French Basque country.

23 days on the road this summer and we finally made it to the beach for the first time. After all, what’s a summer without a day at the beach? And what’s a family camping road trip without a day at the beach.

Plage d’Erromardie, Bay of Biscay, Basque region, France

Of course there’s this coronavirus thingy that’s going around and many of yous can’t make it out, much less, make it to the beach. We get it. Our kids, along with many Spanish children, spent 6 weeks during the strict Spanish lockdown, without leaving the house. So they deserve a day of fun in the sun!

The boys finally gget to swim at this beach in the French Basque country

There’s also the 3 beaches that we visited in Kashubia, Poland while on a break from this family camping road trip this summer. But we could not swim for more than a minute there.

Scootering down to the bar at sunset.

After 3 days of wet and cold camping while visiting the extinct volcanos in France, it was such a treat seeing the sunnysideup break in the clouds as we got closer to the coast… to a beach where we could actually swim in.

After 3 days of camping in the cold and wet rain, we finally have a chance to do laundry and dry things.

How’s the Beach (Plage d’Erromardie)?

Clear waters of the pebble beach of Plage d’Erromardie. The small rocks and pebbles makes cleankng yourself aftet swimming easy.

Soft pebbles and coarse sand mixed with sea weeds and drift woods.  The beach is separated by a canal with rocks. 

The hardly populated relaxed beach of Plage d’Erromardie makes social distancing a non-issue. That’s us in the shade of the blue sunshield.

The northern half of the beach is less touristy.  Feels like locals’ beach because there are not many people here in early September. 

Football at the beach at sundown.

No restroom here nor a place for shade. You’ll have to heed the call of nature at the lone bar or into the wild and (maybe) wet. The cliffs that flank both ends of the beach provide for a scenic view, especially come sundown.

Doing their beach dance when finding out we were close to the beach. (We usually keep our destinatikns a surprise to them tol the last possible mjnutes.

Review of Camping Chibu Berria

A huge camp with low-rising slopes and pitch areas on digferent levels.

Municipal Camping Chibu Berria is all about location, location, location–being about 2 minutes to a relaxed beach (Plage d’Erromardie) and, farther down, a one-beach-bar with outdoor and sidestreet seating that fills up with sunset watchers and walkers.

Of course, it has other kid-approved, family-friendly amenities, like a small playground, FREE Wifi, recreation room with TV and table football…

Camping gives chance to watch the night sky with a smell of the sea in the air.

And for only €22 per night for 2 adults and 2 kids, a car and a tent with electricity?!?!? Camping municipal is the way to enjoy summer vacations!

We’ll add the review later when we get home. We’re on the road and on the move… with kids. So, you know…

And oh, please wxcuse the typos… for the same reason. 😊

Welcome to camping municipal in the French Basque country.

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