Day 36 Road Trip with Kids: To Home, Jerez de la Frontera in Pictures

After 36 days of family camping with kids from Spain to Poland and back, with a month break in Poland in between, we’re finally home in beautiful and sunnysideup Andalucia! It took us over 4,116 kilometers, 56 driving hours and over 20 days on the road in a roundabout kind of return trip to avoid coronavirus hotspots this end of summer. And it was hot at 36 degrees Celsius when we arrived. Still is! Here’s the end of the road trip and the first few days home in Jerez de la Frontera in pictures.

Making the most out of al fresco life on the road before heading home.
After 35 days on the road (with a mid-break in Poland), sleeping for the most part in a 3-person pop-up tent. . . yup, the boys were ready to head home.

On the last leg of our trip, we resumed our travel through FREE (no-toll) roads, going at first through the barren mountain of the Alentejo region in Portugal which looks pretty much like Extremadura in Spain. You could feel the 40-degree Celsius heat on the car windows.
Approaching the bridge crossing from Portugal into Spain.
“La Paquera de Jerez” stoicly sings at the western entrance of our Barrio San Miguel–one of the two neighborhoods of Jerez de la Frontera with strong flamenco traditions.
Home, almost: Here from the monument of (perhaps) the most famous person from Jerez–Lola Flores–you can see the Iglesia de San Miguel
And, here it is. . . the pain of unloading and staging everything that we carried from Poland. We had to get rid of everything quickly because there’s no legal parking in front of the house.
While the boys played with their long-missed instruments, wife and I wondered “How in the world did we fit all this stuff in the car?” It was much better when we did not have the roof cargo box! Then, it takes a week to clean, wash and put everything in place.
Two days later… the kids were off to school! It’s good to have some clouds when we arrived because it was in the mid-to-high 35 degrees Celcius the whole week!
The process of normalization after a long time on the road: the kids had gotten used to camping that they just had to make camp in the first few days and sleep together like in our tent.
Simple pleasures of having fresh and affordable fish: We’ve waited almost 3 months to get fresh seafood! (Nope, we could NOT find fish with heads and innards during our stay in Poland).
Simple pleasures from simple cooking.
When the fruits of the sea is this fresh, all you need to do is steam it with pepper and fino (sherry wine) and that’s it.

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