In Pictures: Quick Stop in Salamanca on Day 39 of Our Family Camping Road Trip

We were running out of time. The school year was about to start. And yet, we just had to squeeze in this one last stopover, a quicky, in Salamanca to see the city of Cervantes (you know, Don Quixote?, the Shakespeare of Spain, NO?), the third oldest western University that also lies on a path of the Camino de Santiago. Here it is, in pictures.

I (the father in this free electrons family) was supposed to be an exchange student at this university in the year 19-I’ve-conveniently-forgotten. One thing led to another and I did not go. So, here was my chance to be a student again albeit for a few hours and with two young kids in tow this time. . .

So, I told the kids we were gonna see their future university instead and I wanted to take them to student bar for some happy hour special.

Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, the Spanish Shakespeare. . . you know, Don Quixote, and . . . that’s about all I know.
Plaza Mayor: an 18th-century Spanish baroque plaza that is open to the public with shops, restaurants and city hall all around. All these Baroque grandiosity and all that the kids were interested in was ice cream. YUP, 39 days on the road will do that. Time to go home and watch T.V. . . for a looooooonnnnnngggggg time.
Seems like a waste of space. . . but check it out! This is the city hall at Plaza Mayor. How in the world did they get the black bull up on top of the Spanish flag!?!?!?!?!??!
Casa de las Conchas (or House of Shells) to the right is a “16th-century Gothic palace from the time of Catholic kings covered in symbolic seashell motifs” that doubles as an art exhibition space and a public library. Am still trying to figure out who that dude is, posing in front of the golden pipes.
Coffee-cake-and-chuches (the unholy trinity) break by the Cervantes archway at the southwest entry to Plaza Mayor, Salamanca. The tourist information is just around the corner, through the archway, on the left.
Monument to The Poet Agares by Agustin Casillas is a two-meter tall bronze statue in Plaza del Corrillo where the poet spent much of his time during his years in Salamanca, writing, editing, selling his books in this plaza.
Torre de la Clerecia (Towers of Clerecia)–an historic 17th-century Baroque Catholic church with functioning bell towers and panoramic city views for public visits.
Yup. It’s a red door.
Candies and icecream-fueled run around at Plaza Mayor. This city is pretty much a college/university town with all kinds of Baroque buildings. . . I wonder, when the boys become university student, if the boys would keep the tradition of running wild in wide open plazas.

About Our Family camping road trip 2 . . . from Spain to Poland and Back

From a restful camping in the Pyrenees mountains, in a small village in the south of France, we move our modern gypsy caravan southwards.

Our second family camping road trip from Spain to Poland and back was coming to a close, as we come down the mountains to the arid plains of northern Spain, through the streets where angry bulls would run after brave men and women in Pamplona.

39 days of family fun camping. 39 days on the road. 3 weeks up to Poland from Spain and almost 3 weeks down with a break in Poland in between.

NEXT STOP: The Land of Sherry, Flamenco and Dancing Horses. . . Home

Onwards, southwards. . .to home. . . last leg of the 39-day family camping road trip. . . 550-something kilometers to go!

Second half of the return trip of our family camping road trip. . . part 2 with 1,575 kilometers to go from Flower Camping in Naucelle (France), Lupiac, Lourdes, crossing the Pyrenees into Spain, Pamplona, Salamanca and HOME.
First half of the return trip of our family camping road trip. . . part 2 (2,236 kilometers): Poznan, Mainz, Luxembourg. Schengen, Strasbourg, Freiburg, Bern, Lausanne, Geneva, CERN, Perouges, Le Puy, Naucelle, and. . . 1,575 kilometers kilometers to go!

Thanks for checking us out!



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