Jerez in November: What To Do and Where to See FREE Flamenco Shows

The best time to see FREE and authentic flamenco performance in Jerez de la Frontera (Cadiz), for me, is in the fall. Why? Simply, it’s not as hot as in the summer and not as heavily populated by flamenco-tourists as other times, as I wrote in What to Do and Where to See FREE Flamenco in Jerez in October.

In November, these absolutely gratis shows (or as they say in Spanish, “Entrada libre hasta completar aforo“) would continue with weekly recitals (usually Friday or Saturday) from two Peña Flamencas (aka flamenco cultural associations) from local flamencos that you do not normally get to see.

Schedule of Flamenco shows at Peña Los Cernicalos in November.

This November, Peña Buena Gente’s “Otoño es Flamenco” (Autumn Flamenco) (that started the weekly performances in October) continues with the last of its series with the must-see Los Moneos (father and son).

Peña Tio Jose de Paula‘ s Otoño es Flamenco also had weekly performances, but only in October. They have had it for 35 years and counting. You should go see it because Peña Tio Jose de Paula is usually closed throughout the year other than the few times for thie “socios” (or members only performances) and a couple of important dates that are open to the general public.

Then, there are 3 more offerings from Peña Los Cernicalos in Barrio San Miguel (see poster/picture above), one of the two neighborhoods in Jerez that has very strong flamenco traditions, where Don Antonio Chacon was born 150 years ago (on Calle Sol) and later became the “Pope of Flamenco”, the Agujetas, the Rubichis, La Paquera de Jerez, Paco Cepero. . . among many others. . . and of course the well-known Lola Flores. Many would however say that she is not really “flamenco”. She was a singer/actress who supposedly sang some flamenco. But that is for the afficionados, the patriarchs and matriarchs of Flamenco de Jerez to decide. We just love living here in our ‘hood!

See below the list of flamenco shows in November in Jerez de la Frontera.

Although the shows are FREE, when you DO COME please do show your support to the artists and local clubs (Peña Flamencas) by purchasing some drinks, alcoholic or non, and maybe some snacks too. They are NOT expensive at all. One-euro-something can get you a sherry or a beer.

Here is your flamenco itinerary for this November in Jerez de la Frontera, the birthplace of the Bulerias

See poster for additional information.

  • 09 November, 17:30, Peña Buena Gente: Luis Moneo (al cante) and Juan Ma Moneo (al toque).
  • 09 November, 21:30, Peña Los Cernícalos: Momo Moneo + Juan Diego Mateos.
  • 15 November, 21:30, Peña Los Cernícalos: Samuel Serrano + Paco Leon.
  • 23 November, 15:30, Peña Los Cernícalos: Lela Soto + Antonio Malena Hijo.

NOTE: These shows are on FRIDAYS/SATURDAYS. So, save the days and lock them into your calendars! There are 2 shows on Saturday, November 9. That would be a great flamenco night for you because you can start with the MONEOS at Buena Gente at 1730. The show would last about 2 hours at the most. Then have a dinner “break” in between Buena Gente and PF Los Cernicalos that are a 20-minute walk apart.

I will also update this list (possibly with a map) as information comes in. So, please do check back.

Children are welcome at shows. It’s normal to have children at flamenco shows here, even late at night. However, I recall seeing a sign at Los Cernicalos indicating that children of a certain (younger) age are preferred to be left at home. Having said that, the last time I was there there were a couple of infants in there. But they were quiet.

Of course, for the young ones or those who cannot be silent during the performance, use your own better judgement. To the rescue: if you are coming with children to see a show at P.F. Buena Gente, there is a nice playground in the open pedestrian-only Plaza del Belen, next to P.F. Buena Gente.

Schedule of Flamenco shows at Peña Buena Gente in September, October and November.
“Autumn is Flamenco at the Peña Buena Gente“, Jerez de la Frontera, Cadiz.

free flamenco puro at tabancos in Jerez

Other than the above offerings and schedule from the two Peña flamenca cool spots, there are also the usual bars (tabancos) that offer regularly scheduled shows for locals and tourists alike.

Schedules, to be added here soon. Check back!

Tabanco El Pasaje (calle Santa Maria 8, in the city center, close to the Post Office)

Tabanco a la Feria (calle Armas 5, junto del Plaza Arenal)

Tabanco Cruz Vieja (calle Barja, Barrio San Miguel… one of the 2 Barrios or neighborhoods in Jerez with strong flamenco roots).

Daily Schedule of FREE Flamenco Puro at Tabanco A La Feria, Jerez de la Frontera, Cadiz.
Daily Schedule of FREE Flamenco Puro at Tabanco A La Feria, Jerez de la Frontera, Cadiz.

That’s it for the autumn schedule!

If you are planning to visit southern Spain during the Holy Week (Semana Santa), you may be able to chance upon a unique form of flamenco called Saetasexclusively sang during this time.  These are religious songs in the form of chants worshiping the decorated figurines of Jesus and Mary at seemingly endless processions during a full week (April 14-21 this year, 2019). Here is where you can see Saeta in Jerez de la Frontera in Easter.




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