November Month of the Dead in Jerez; Here’s what to do with kids for Halloween Festivities and Beyond

Noviembre es el mes de los muertos en España,” my Spanish teacher writes. . . And the day of the dead: “Happy Halloween” has crept into this little-big village of ours, Jerez de la Frontera. It doesn’t happen everywhere in the city. But it’s there nonetheless. So don’t be shocked if you see children (and maybe the not so little ones) walking around town (usually before and after school; around 0845 and between 14 and 15h…. in scary disfrazes (costumes). . . in the last couple of days of October.

poster of a skeleton taking a selfie with a phone; Jerez of Death:  November 2019, Archaeological Museum.

Jerez of Death: November 2019, Archaeological Museum.

These events are FREE and generally start at 1730. Check the picture-poster for details.

Local schools celebrate it, maybe not all. But ours certainly does. And it’s quite refreshing to see my children’s teachers and school director all dressed up to ensure a TERRORIFIC time to October and mark the beginning of the more serious “Dia de los Santos” (All Saints Day).

Outside of school what else is happening for the Halloween weekend in jerez?

Poster of Happy Halloween schedule!:  Semana Terrorifica" (Terrifying Week) at Sala Paul.  

Semana Terrorifica” (Terrifying Week) at Sala Paul. Happy Halloween schedule!

If you happen (or plan) to be in Jerez at the end of October and into November, here are some of the things that your family and children can participate in. Don’t worry about the language if you do not speak Spanish. You’ll either find someone or things will work out. You’ll have a funtastic cultural experience that you can take home with you, in your frightened hearts.

So, here’s what is happening and what to do in Jerez for Halloween.

Let us begin with “Semana Terrorifica” (Terrifying Week) at Sala Paul–an excellent place for the youth and for family-centered diverse activities.

29, 30 and 31 October: There will be a horror movie and halloween musical show in keeping with the the theme of the dead.

Sala Paul’s grand finale is a Halloween Fest on the 31st of October. Again, events start at 1730 at Sala Paul. And the best part is Marcha Zombie (ZOMBIE PARADE) from Plaza Arenal (the main city square of Jerez).

The march of the dead will go from Plaza Arenal to Sala Paul which is about a 15-minute walk. It will start at 2000h. If you are participating make sure your children wear something warm under their costumes as it can get cold at night (in the teens-degree Celsius 😊 ).

HALLOWEEN PARTY: Barriada El Agrimensor. There is also a neighborhood party at the Asociacion de Vecinos in the El Agrimensor nighborhood, beginning at 20:00h on the 31st of October (if you really wanna experience local activity) with Halloween costume contest for younger children.

Poster of Happy Halloween schedule!:  Halloween Party at Barriada El Agrimensor.

A local neighborhood party at Barriada El Agrimensor, Jerez de la Frontera.

ZOObotanico Halloween Jerez: Zoo de Miedo.

Poster of Happy Halloween schedule!:  ZOOBotanico Jerez.

An day-long family fun filled Happy Halloween schedule at the Jerez Zoobotanico.

Then on the 1st of November, between 10 and 5 o’clock, go to the only Zoo of Jerez for a diverse set of family fun actitivities, including “Charlas Misterio: Zoo de Miedo” (Mystery Talks: Zoo of Fear), costume parade, magiv, enchanted forest, and a horror concert, among others. This is likely a paid event, but it shouldn’t cost much and will be a family fun experience. Check the picture-poster for details.

And if yo’re up to seeing how local Andalucians pay their respect to their dead at this time, go to the cemetary. You’ll have to drive about 12 minutes to get there (type “cementerio municipal” on Google map). There is a big parking area. Bring a flower if you can and pay a visit to the less visited foreigners’ section. It would be near the entrance to the left as you enter.

It’s not macabre or freaky at all. It’s just peaceful. Last year, our children decided to leave a few of their toys at the grave of little children and cleared a couple of graves of dead leaves and stuff. Why are we here ? The older one asked. We’re just saying hello to dead strangers. Like Pan Tadeusz? (their great grandfather). No, but it’s a great day and great place to remember him, and all our dead, in this tranquility.

Poster of Happy Halloween schedule of Mystery Talks at the  ZOOBotanico Jerez.

Half-hour mystery talks/stories at the Jerez ZOOBotanico.

here’s what is happening and what to do in Jerez for the rest of November.

The archaeological museum (Museo Arquelogico) of Jerez has “declared” November the month of the dead with a host of events all month long, including the ones below. Please check the picture poster for accuracy and details. The museum is located at the northwestern part of the old historic center, about less than 15 minute walk from Alcazar.

2 and 9 November @ 12h: The ancient funeral rites of the Romans

9 November @ 10 and 11:OO: FREE Children’s Workshop (Taller Infantil), the mystery of the skeleton, for kids 5 and above.

21 November @ 19:00h: Cemeteries as a cultural landscape

28 November @ 20:00h: Royal Funerals of Jerez de la Frontera

30 November @ 1230h: Some sort of “funeral lion” of the nearby ancient village of Mesas de Asta

Poster Schedule of November Death Month, Archaeological Museum.

November Death Month @ the Archaeological Museum of Jerez de la Frontera, Cadiz, Spain.

Check out our HAPPY HALLOWEEN video-post: In Jerez, even Death needs to wait. Happy Halloween! Death waits to cross and marches on, in the streets of Jerez de la Frontera, Cadiz, Spain.



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