Father and Sons JAM Session With Kids (a Lullaby) 😊 Family Video

An improvised music activity with my children playing musical instruments was the follow-up to our first-time jamming, first to the all-time children’s favorite song “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”. As a full-time father and a happy houseband (aka house husband) I have to find activities to keep the kids off the “screen” as much as possible. Learning to play music together is a fun activity.

One day Karol and Kaj simply picked up some instruments and asked if I knew how to play it “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”. So, I scrambled, improvised and mumbled my way through it. It’s fun!

Then, the little one fell asleep right after and his brother decided to play this lullaby. I accompanied him with an “aire” of Flamenco guitar in the style of Peteneras.

We’ll have some Happy Christmas songs next in the spirit of the season. Big Smile!

Improvising on the Melodica with dad/father/tata accompanying on flamenco guitar has put the little one to sleep.

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The Lion Sleeps Tonight (children JAM session) 😊

First-time improvised jamming to “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” with the boys on the melodica and a “musical” coconut shell.

Joy to the World (New) Villancicos – Christmas Songs Kids – Mix Spanish-English – Family Video 😊

Merry Christmas! Feliz Navidad! Laying down the tracks to β€œJoy to the World” on our mobile recording β€œstudio”.

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