SuperZings Kids Free Play at the Beach ๐Ÿ‘ฆon the Rock of Hercules, Gibraltar UK ๐Ÿง’ Family Video

My two boys have been asking me to make some videos with their toys, currently with these little thumb-sized figures called SuperZings that all kids seem to be talking about. So, on a family vacation on a “Pillar of Hercules”–the Rock of Gibraltar, UK–we finally did it. Here they are a YouTube video that shows kids at play. . . FREE PLAY. . . on Catalan Bay in December.

This family video will also help you, parents or otherwise, see the warm and welcoming beach in the winter without ever leaving your home OR ahead of your visit, in case you are wondering what it looks like.

The beach is a great playground in itself, especially during off season when hardly anyone is there with you. During our visit there were only four other visitors. It’s almost like having your own private beach.

SuperZings Kids Free Play at the Beach on the Rock of Hercules, Gibraltar UK-Family Video

what does catalan bay beach in GIBRALTAR look like?

This YouTube video (link below) also shows you how quiet the beach on the eastern side of Gibraltar could be at this time in December even though the temperature was in the high teens (Celsius) when we visited. It was warm enough to have beach play without shoes on. But the water was quite cold. So beware, BEWARE. You have been forewarned!

When travelling with kids, it is usually good to know where exactly you are going and what you are getting into. We don’t do this because we never had enough time to do recon work. So, we would often just wing it, which sometimes has led to a lot of stress and frustration. You know, getting to a beach and it turned out to be filled with litter and dog poop or a rundown hazardous playground. We had plenty of practice with this especially since we had been on a 2-month long, summer camping road trip from Spain to Poland and back. . . TWICE!

Specifically, when travelling with family and kids, it helps you (parents) save some time and a helluva lot of frustration by knowing if the beach is clean (and not like a druggies den), if there is a playground nearby, and (perhaps more importantly) a toilet, other than the sand dunes. To help you, we’ve started putting videos that show the places that we’ve visited.

Two young boys playing at the beach on Caleta with colorful houses at the foot of the rock mountain of Gibraltar in the background.

Text reads: www.FreeElectrons.Family
Free play, beach play, kids play with Superzings on Caleta Bay, Gibraltar.

is there parking, playground, restroom at CATALAN BAY BEACH, GIBRALTAR?

Here, you can also see what kind of beach Catalan bay is, what type of sand it has, and how pretty the colorful houses are. There is also playground at the beach itself and parking aplenty (at least during off season) for FREE. There are at least 2 restaurants that were open during our visit–one just above the playground and another at the Caleta Hotel, a little farther away. This in case, you and your little ones have a bathroom emergency.

A clean and colourful playground on Caleta Bay beach with colorful houses at the foot of the rock mountain of Gibraltar in the background.

Text reads: www.FreeElectrons.Family
It’s always good to have a playground nearby for a diverse set of outdoors play.

How far is CALETA BAY beach from the entrance to Gibraltar? Can you walk there?

Yes, you can walk to Catalan Bay. It is a little over 2 kilometers (30-minute walk) from the entrance to Gibraltar. It is a single-lane, two-way traffic road, not busy during our visit but the opposite in the summer months. So be careful.

For those of you (and you kids) who want to learn some words in English, Polish or Spanish (that the boys speak) we added some text and voice to for the following words: beach, sea, sand, castle.

NOTE: We get NO money, gifts or anything for mentioning these commercial places. We’re simply providing helpful info for parents with little high-energy bundles of joy. . . your children, that is. As parents to our little “free electrons”, we understand you.

Enjoy your stay and please REMEMBER to SUBSCRIBE to our blog and our YouTube channel! THANKS. BIG SMILE!

Caleta hotel colorful houses of Caleta Bay at the foot of the rock mountain of Gibraltar.  A parking signpost in the foreground.
Plenty of FREE parking at Catalan Bay beach in December. Likely paid and full in the summer.

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Beach under the winter sun.  It is this happy houseband‘s favorite babysitter.  And what better place for our young boys to combine freeplay in three languages (Polish, English and Spanish) with getting some winter sun tan than here in the Costa de la Luz. In the first few days of March, we headed off to explore a new beach: Playa de la Puntilla in El Puerto de Santa Maria in the bay of Cadiz, only about a 15-minute drive from Jerez.

Family Fun Winter at the Beach in Cadiz, Andalucia, Spain

With over 300 days of strong Andalusian sunshine here in southern Spain, you would not think that there would be snow. Think again! The Sierra Nevada, about a one-hour drive from the city of Granada, boasts the southernmost point of Europe where you can ski, sled and snowboard as late as early May.  You can literally hit the snow slopes all morning and swim in the Mediterranean in the afternoon. The snow resort of Hoya de la Mora (loosely translated: blueberry ear or leaf) offers family fun sledding, skis for beginners, and other snow plays.  And best of all. . . itโ€™s FREE!.

Sledding and Snowplay This Far Suth in Europe?…in Granada, Sierra Nevada, Spain

Not far from the better-known surfing capital of Europe of Tarifa in the coastal region of Cadiz, Spain, Bolonia is a hidden gem of a destination for both individual and family-oriented explorers. Only 30-or-so kilometers away, Morroco’s coastal mountain can be seen from Bolonia—an off-the-beaten-path destination for most foreigners that is easily worth a 3-day visit. So, what to do here with your small children?

The Art of Chilling in the Mountains and Beach of… where the shrek is… BOLONIA, Spain?
credits: SuperZings Kids Free Play at the Beach ๐Ÿ‘ฆon the Rock of Hercules, Gibraltar UK ๐Ÿง’ Family Video credits

Thanks to CLIPARTWIKI for the FREE-to-use Hercules clipart that appears somewhere in the middle of the video. You can check out other images via this link:


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