Homeschooling? Discover Songs for the Day… for a Month

Let’s discover a new song for the day, for an entire month! That’s what I told the kids at the beginning of the month, two weeks in the strict coronovirus lockdown here in Spain. Why? Well, the kids are at home a lot these days and you know you can only do so much with the daily 3Rs of Reading, wRiting and aRithmetic, before it becomes painful!!!

And here in Spain it’s a strict lockdown where kids don’t get to go out AT ALL (until Day 43, that is). That means we parents need to constantly think of cool new things to do with the kids during this quarantine period. This is one of them.

So, the idea is simple enough. Write down the very first song that pops into any ones head first thing in the morning and make an interactive activity with it with your kids.

For example, I ask my two boys to stop doing anything else and really listen to the music. It’s a great exercise in being quiet and listening.

Then, we can talk about it for a while. Let them think about it and ask questions. As a father, I use prompts such as, “What words don’t you understand?” and “Which parts do you like?” This language learning becomes even more important when we have a non-English song, since the boys speak English, Polish and Spanish.

You can also dance to it if you must. And why not? It’s good exercise and a fun and common activity for the family.

If the song is about another country, as in “Walk Like an Egyptian”, then we could cover a whole subject area of geography and history that the boys really like.

So think about it. One song per day for a month!

It’s a great way for the kids to discover new songs and fountains of inspiration and for us parents to discover new songs too and maybe even remember the old songs that we grew up listening too and haven’t not heard in a long time.


For April 2020, this is what we have in this format: date, song title, artist.

  • 4.30 Depende de los Dos ~ CRA Alto GΓ‘llego y CEIP Puente Sardas 
  • 4.29 Calma (Vamos pa la Playa) ~ Pedro CapΓ³+Farruko
  • 4.28 Nothing but Flowers ~ Talking Heads
  • 4.27  Please Don’t Go ~ KC and The Sunshine Band
  • 4.26 La Nanita Nana (traditional lullaby) ~ free electrons family (our own original version)
  • 4 25  Sheena is Punk Rocker ~ The Ramones
  • 4.24  Colores ~ Anpersan
  • 4.23  Djelem Djelem ~ Barcelona Gypsy Klezmer Orchestra
  • 4.22  Historia de un amor ~ Guadalupe Pineda
  • 4.21  Walk like an Egyptian ~ Bangles
  • 4.20  Verde que Te Quiero Verde ~ Alba Molina y Joselito Acedo
  • 4.19  Happy Birthday ~ Altered Images
  • 4.18 Blister in the Sun ~ Violent Femmes 
  • 4.17 Police and Thieves ~ The Clash
  • 4.16 Efficiency ~ Depeche Mode
  • 4.15 Our House in the Middle of the Street ~ Madness
  • 4.14 De Doo Doo Doo De Da Da Da ~ Sting/The Police 
  • 4.13 Three little birds ~ Bob Marley 
  • 4.12 Temptation ~ New Order
  • 4.11 Dust in the wind ~ Kansas [on Good Friday]
  • 4.11 Father and Son ~ Yusuf Cat Stevens
  • 4.10 Landslide ~ Stevie Nicks/Smashing Pumpkins* [doing fef cover version]
  • 4.9 Take it Easy (Like Sunday Morning) ~ Lionel Richie
  • 4.8  Fade into You ~ Mazzy Star
  • 4.7 Believe ~ Julien Boire
  • 4.6   A Horse with No Name ~ America
  • 4.5 It’s a Brick House ~ The Commodores
  • 4.4 Lost in Love ~ Air Supply
  • 4.3 If You Don’t Know Me By Now ~ Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes
  • 4.2 Wake Me Up Before You Go Go ~ Wham!
  • 4.1  Turning Japanese ~ The Vapors

What songs have the days of the week?

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