Gibraltar in Pictures: A Family Visit to The Rock of Hercules… with Kids!

Once we are all able to travel freely again, don’t forget to put this disputed little rock of the UK in Spain in your bucket list, for a taste of the Britain with Andalucian feel. These pictures show what things to do in Gibraltar (“The Rock”) as a family in a day or two over the weekend with or without kids in tow.

Highlights? Gibraltar monkeys/apes (watch your bags and pockets!), the cable car ride that brings you to the top of the rock with spectacular views, the multi-use Europa point, and beach play on Catalan Bay… yes, even in the winter.

Gibraltar monkeys (macaques): You’ll have a rare chance to meet these little tailless thieving monkeys. They are everywhere on the Top of the Rock. They are cute. They are fast. And they are smart! Watch out for your bags, purses and pockets!! They can (and do) get on top of you!

A mere 61 miles from our home, we’re glad we visited it before the Covid-19 pandemic hit us all.

A dramatic approach along the Algeciran coastal road to Gibraltar–that hunk of rock under the sun that you can see on the picture. Fishermen cast their lines on the busy Bay of Algeciras.

We visited Gibraltar’s main attractions with views outside and skipped out on museums, indoor stuff and the center of town, which we did visit at night for food and a proper beer at a local watering hole.

Unfortunately, everything seemed to have closed by 8 pm while the Spaniards outside the gate were just getting up and ready to go out for dinner.

The entry to Gibraltar can be quite busy. Our first attempt at around 11 am on a Saturday took about 50 minutes to clear. Second attempt at 10 am on Sunday took 10 minutes.
Gibraltar’s awesome cable car ride up to the top station, with spectacular views some 412 meters above sea level. The ride takes about 6 minutes. The trip begins at the base station next to the Alameda Gardens at the southern end of Main Street and ends with the famous Gibraltar monkeys. Check out our video (link at the bottom of this page).
Singing “Jingle Bells” por Rumba Flamenca at the Top of the Rock. Yes, it was over the Christmas holidays. We were making some video footage for our “Making Music with Kids”. Check it out (link below the page)!
Man and monkey look out into the distance, watching ships set sail and the sun sinks down to set, thinking. . . probably nothing at all.
Beach play in December on Catalan Bay–one of the five beaches in Gibraltar. The colorful houses brighten up this small patch of sand. Thanks to the original inhabitants from Genoa, Italy who dominated this area so much at one point that the locals spoke Spanish, English and Genoese interchangeably, apparently. See more of the beach while our kids free play with their toys through the video-link below.
Prayer time as the sun set over Gibraltar’s mosque–King Fahd bin Abdulaziz al-Saud. It’s a beautiful mosque. This beautiful mosque overlooks everything else at Gibraltar’s southern Europa Point. On a good clear day, you may be able to see the Atlas mountains of Morocco.
Europa Point Playground with a view: Young children can play in this clean and ample playground while parents rest, read a bit about Sikorski and enjoy the scenic views over the Mediterranean. There is also a football/soccer field nearby that, if you are lucky, can enter and play in.
Who in the world is Władysław Sikorski? He’s a pretty big-deal figurehead for Poland. So, here goes, he is a Polish military and political leader who fought for the independence of Poland from the Russian Empire and later on became the 1st Prime Minister of Polish government in exile during the Second World War. He crashed in an airplane accident just off of the shores of Gibraltar.
The northern Pillar of Hercules sits on this Rock of Gibraltar, at least according to the legends of old. The southern one sits somewhere in Morocco, close to the Spanish ex-clave in Ceuta.
Top of the Rock viewpoint–only some 412 meters above sea level but impressive since it’s practically the Mediterranean almost everywhere you look. You can climb up to near the top but it was a little sketchy for young kids. . . and unfit parents like us.
Beware of the monkey stare (while another can quickly climb on your shoulders, open up your backpack and steal anything that they think is food; all before you can even say, “Sh**!”. Apparently, these monkeys came from the Atlas mountains of north Africa. Nobody knows for sure how they got here. Legend says, they came from an ancient underground tunnel that connected Africa and Europe. Whoah!
Family Travel Tip: Take the cable car to the top and walk down (we called it hiking/trekking and gave ourselves a pat on the lower back. Here shows one of the many batteries (canons) that surround the rock. This is Windsor’s hanging bridge that was a thrill to walk on for the kids!

gibraltar cable car

Amazing Gibraltar Cable Car Up to the Top of “The Rock” with Music Video

This family-friendly video takes you on Gibraltar’s awesome cable car ride up to the top station, with spectacular views some 412 meters above sea level, while accompanied by a happy, lovely music from ROA to brighten your day. The ride takes about 6 minutes but the whole video is only less than half of that. The trip begins at the base station next to the Alameda Gardens at the southern end of Main Street and ends with the famous Gibraltar apes/monkeys. Enjoy your trip! BIG SMILE! ~free electrons family

Music Credits: Freedom by Roa Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0 Free Download / Stream: Music promoted by Audio Library


Catalan bay BEACH PLAY

See the warm and welcoming beach of Gibraltar’s Catalan Bay in the winter without ever leaving your home OR ahead of your visit, in case you are wondering what it looks like. There is also a link to our Youtube video of my two young kids at play at Catalan Bay on the Rock of Hercules in December.

Somewhere in the old town.

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