In Pictures: Camping Review of Family Camping Schaffhausen Near Rhine Falls Switzerland (Day 18-19)

Camping in Switzerland is really a family-friendly way to travel with kids on a budget. Hey, you either pay an average of €200 per night in hotels or apartment rentals or €30 at a campground (at least that was how it was in Geneva!). And when you have an awesome travel destination nearby like the biggest waterfalls of Europe (Rhein or Rhine Falls Switzerland) you simply can’t beat camping. Here’s a quick review of Camping Schaffhausen in Switzerland in pictures.

If you want more info, text follows after the pictures. Enjoy your trip!

In a word, Camping Schaffhausen was PERFECTLY family-friendly and kid-approved! This camping site (aka the longer name: Leisure Facility Rheinwise/Frezeitanlage Rheinwisese) in Zurich is the nearest campground to one of Switzerland’s (and Europe’s) unique travel destinations–the Rhein or Rhine Falls.  

Rheinfall / Rhine Falls:  150 meters wide, 13 meters high, 12 meters at deepest.  Not quite Niagara Falls, but still impressive and even meditative… Notice the blue boat on the left and the red boat on the right.
Our lone tent in the 6-place pitch area at the center of Camping Schaffhausen. Hardly any shade here.
Waterplay with other camp kids. Kids spent hours playing here.
Peaceful camping and picnic along the Rhine river in the Swiss side; just over the hills to the right is Deutschland/Germany.
Restaurant/bar with outdoor seating and a calming view of the river Rhine at Camping Schaffhausen.
Small pebble-beach access at Camping Schaffhausen. They had to try! But it was late and it got cold.
Chilling at the well-made playground at Camping Schaffhausen, Zurich, Switzerland.
Camping Schaffhausen reception. Gated vehicle access on the right.
Besides this playground, it seems that the entire camping ground at Camping Schaffhausen was made with kids and families in mind! With all these amenities, you can easily spend at least a day just enjoying the camping site.
Kid-pumped water pool. All camp kids had been pumping it all day until they got a workable pool like thi sone.
Al fresco dishwashing at Camping Schaffhausen.
Freezer (it is NOT common for camping sites to have this convenience) with washer and dryer in a small room that served the purpose. You can wait just outside the door on a couch next to a fridge while topping up your phone or laptop at no extra cost.
SUPER-CLEAN BATHROOM with social-distancing measures in place. SIX sinks in men’s bathroom (the other 3 opposite from what is shown on the picture). One entry way into the bathroom.
Small stalls but quite clean with modern dividers. AND you DO NOT have to bring your own. . . toilet paper! Thank God, Gaia, Allah and the Big Happy Buda for small mercies!
Small modern dividers. Plenty of hot showers and NO problem with water drainage.
An 8-CHF (about 8 euros) and 6-minute boat ride to return to the base of Scloss.  Not a bad price for 2 adults and 1 kid (kids under 5 are FREE!).  You can also take this one instead of walking. BUT what’s the fun in that? 

NOTE: In case you’re wondering. . . No, we have not received any form of compensation or freebies or anything at all for reviewing or mentioning this or any others on our blog.  We do it for the fun of it and it is helpful to you and others.

What we like about this campground? 

What we liked about Camping Schaffhausen is its close proximity to the Rhine falls and the many things the children can do here. In addition to the playgrounds and water play areas (see below), there is also a big grass-covered play area for football and volleyball and just all around play, even a place for a bonfire for hotdogs and marshmallows! Our boys did not wanna leave!

There’s also a freezer for ice packs and fridge for open use and a lending library and a hairdryer. . . all for FREE (or at least no additional costs). It is not usual for camping sites to have these.

What we don’t like about this camping site? 

What about what we did not like about Camping Schaffhausen? The pitch did not have access to electricity. It’s also a little packed with camping vans and seasonal residents were located quite close to each other.


Higher than standard at 43.50 euros (including tax) for a family of 4 (2 kids–1 under 5), 3-person tent WITHOUT electricity during high summer season (August). But the location (in Switzerland… AND close to the Rhine falls) and the kid-approved amenities make it acceptable.

PLAY area

Decent-sizes playground with several playthings. But the play areas are something else… from open fields to small pebble beach access to an excellent waterpark where kids can pump out water to fill a huge pool.


No problem finding the entrance to the camping site. It was clearly marked from the outside.  Once you pulled into the parking lot with plenty of spaces you’d see the reception with the flags.  The campground is accessible with a card.


Plenty of shade from fully grown trees all around the camping site, except there is really no shade from those who have pitch+car area like ours.


How’s the pitch? Soft pitch with no problem sinking tent pegs. The grassy pitch is a bit tight. It’s big enough only to fit a 3-person tent, a car and a bit more for your eating area.

Privacy hedges 

None in the center area where end-of-day travelers on vehicles seemed to be assigned.


Sufficiently basic, small and very clean with toilet paper. A bit tight for the huge size of the camping site with only one entrance to each of the men’s and women’s restroom.


There’s a bar/restaurant near the reception, with outdoor seating, and a few tables near the water… but we’re too poor to try it.


There are many other cool things about this campground. For example, there are kayaks for rent. There is an extensive recycling receptacles.

There is also a grocery store nearby, if you need to top up on your camping food supplies, there is a COOP Supermrkt about 10-minute walk (700 meters) or a COOP Gas station about 5-minute walk (450 meters), both in opposite directions.

TIP for Camping Shaffhausen

For this particular campground, we recommend booking in advance or at least get there by mid-day to secure a pitch for your tent.

The area for camping in tents with your car in the same spot is very small. But if you come with a camping van, there should be less of a problem.

There is a separate area for campers with just tents. You know, without your car in the same pitch as your tent. You will have to walk a bit and carry your gear and stuff in.

Give your visit to the waterfalls of Switzerland a FULL DAY whether you have kids or not with you. There’s plenty to do there.


So, what to see or do nearby?

  • The biggest waterfalls in Europe–the Rhine Falls–is a mere 12 minutes away.  We’d given it a full day of slow-go family fun. 
  • There’s also the town of Schaffhausen, Stein am Rhein, and a couple of other the charming towns in and out of Switzerland and Germany. 
  • OR you may wanna visit the German exclave (piece of territory) that is completely surrounded by Switzerland which is right next door across the river to the camping site.  Whaaaaaaattttt??

quick tips on visiting the RHINE FALLS

  • Here’s a link to the full post, MORE PICTURES and time and money-saving tips on how to visit the Rhein or Rhine Falls.
  • The best way to take it all in (the biggest waterfalls of Europe, that is) is to take the paved walking trail for a FREE 1.5-kilometer, winding downhill walk with scenic viewpoints of the waterfalls, and take the boat back to the base of the Schloss/castle where you came from.
  • Take Red boat #2 for a 3-minute crossing.
  • You will need to pay to access the Schloss (castle). But if you are just passing through on the return trip after your boat ride, you do NOT need to pay because you are not entering the castle itself.
  • There are at least 3 playstops/playground in the falls area that are also good stops for a family picnic with a view.
  • The walk will have several beautiful viewpoints.
  • The paths are relatively easy and safe for kids… but watch out!
  • At the end of it all, you can enjoy ice cream and beer.  After all that long walk, you’d deserve it.  Cool canned Swiss Falken and Hulse beers (almost like a hefeweizen) for 4 CHFrancs (not bad for Switzerland) that are cheaper than water (only in Switzerland).
  • You can take one of the 4 color-coded boat rides–either the water-kamikaze boats that go straight near the falls (you are guaranteed to get wet) with varying lengths of trips and destinations–some would take you at a kissing distance of the falls.  You’ll get wet!

our family CAMPING road trip summer 3

There were only 2 spots left when we arrived one afternoon in mid-August on the return trip of our third 6-week family camping road trip across Europe, from Spain to Poland and back.

We don’t usually book our camping sites in advance and in the 3 years that we have been doing this, it only bit us on the butt two or three times.

Like on the first night of our return trip yesterday when we ended up in a motel somewhere near our target area of Saalburg-Ebersdorf with its picturesque Saal river in Thuringia (southern) Germany. There was no camping site available at all

So this morning we hit the road early to make sure we have camping  in Switzerland, 5.5 driving  hours away, to get us closer to see the biggest waterfalls in Europe–the Rhine Falls. Not bad considering we have been on the road camping every 2 or 3 days for a total of 20 weeks so far.

There you go. A great way to go on a budget family travel in Switzerland. So, the next time you’re planning your vacation, try something different. GO CAMPING! Your kids would love it.

Next: Stopover with great friends in Bern, Switzerland.

Crossing into Switzerland from Germany. No border controls.
At the Rhein/Rhine Falls: Another playground with a serious sliding tube for children with minimum height of 125 centimeters.  Watch out! The drop is steep and I banged my elbows and buttocks on the double turns.  There goes our son!
At the Rhein/Rhine Falls Tip: Take that boat if you wanna get a little wet and climb to the rock in the middle of the falls.  Maybe slippery.  Have ziplock or waterproof bags.
At the Rhein/Rhine Falls: Playground number 2 with a view.  Poor Kaj (our son with an injured shoulder)!  He wanted so much to slide down with Karol.

Thanks for checking us out!



The rock in the middle of the falls.  You can get there on a boat tour and and climb up on steps. 

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