Quit the job, clear out the house, move to another country and live your dreams! . . . But wait, wait! What about the kids?

We are free electrons family — a traveling, semi-nomadic, roaming family.  And this is about our little family’s search for a happier life.  So, we finally did move to Spain from the United States.  How did we do it?  We’ll write all about it here.

happy to be free… electrons!
Ok, OK!  We are not exactly like the electrically charged particles circling the outskirts of an atom.  But like those free electrons, we are in a sense free.  Free to roam.  Free to live in the outskirts, unbounded.  And yes, you can too, if you want!

It was not easy.  In fact, it’s almost mad! I mean, to leave a comfortable life with a highly stable job in a major city that has got practically everything a family needs–a little house, 3 cars, a good school for the kids. . . and move the entire family to another continent, to a country where you don’t speak the language, with one luggage a piece, with limited money and no job prospects!?! 

Well, now that I’ve put it this way, I must agree it’s nuts.  But (and a big BUTt at that) as my former best-boss-I-ever-had put it, shortly after I handed in my resignation on 19 January 2017, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

life begins at the end of your comfort zone by Neal Donald Walsch #freeelectrons.family
A family’s search for a happier life #fef

We quit a fast-paced life in the United States to enjoy lots of time together in sunny southern Spain.  Back home, time spent with our 2 small children and each other was often never enough.  I (dad) worked full-time managing research teams and technical projects for Uncle Sam while my wife worked double full-time at home.  At best we had 2 hours of family time at the end of the day when everyone was tired and at the terminal end of their patience. 

Then, weekends would come and we’d squeeze in some family trip somewhere and try to catch up with family and friends, all the while running about, trying to keep up with seemingly ceaseless march of honey-dos and household chores.  Looking back, it seemed that all our time was mostly spent trying to temper what nuclear engineers would call LOCA (or a loss of cooling accident).

So, it was time to go.  We decided to be free, to live a life less complicated and to roam wherever we want in a modern nomad kind of way.  In the process we have learned a thing or two (some the hard way) that may help you and your family in your travels or should you decide to jump ship altogether. . . and just go! 

So, this is for you. You, who may have been thinking about doing something similar.  A life-changing family move.  We’ll write about the pains, pleasures and practicalities of a family life abroad and raising two small children in another country without knowing how to speak the language and without set jobs to start with.  “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone“, indeed!

And for you, who may be planning a short family travel with kids to southern Spain–where we are now–or elsewhere in Europe.  We review family-friendly places, activities, and things-to-do in this area and wherever else we visit, from a foreign-family perspective.  As you know, if you do not speak the local language, family travels can be a bit more challenging than usual.

For you too, who like flamenco as we do.  After all we are in the cradle of it, or at least at the birthplace of the Bulerias, Jerez de la Frontera–the land of sherry, flamenco, fighting bulls and dancing horses.

So here we are now… for now.  We hope you pick-up a thing or two and get inspired to discover your own ways… … … to be free.

Here’s next:  What to ask yourself before moving your family abroad.

free electrons family #fef
#freeelectrons.family's big move from a big city bustle of Washington D.C. to a quieter Jerez de la Frontera, Cadiz, Andalucia, Spain
#freeelectrons.family, big move from a big city bustle of Washington D.C. to a quieter Jerez de la Frontera, Cadiz, Andalucia, Spain

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